Nosferatu by Belle Horreur

Wreath Whimsey by RobinI found someHalloween wreaths online by Wreath Whimsey by Robin and thought they were absolutely gorgeous (see image on the left). She does a beautiful job with the festive ribbons and jaunty skulls. I would keep these wreaths up all year, they are so stunning!

So, I needed to try this for myself, and as i am such a Nosferatu fan, I thought I would make that my theme. However, I was on a budget and I don’t know where I would get lovely ribbons like this here in Ireland. I think I would need to order them online and I didn’t have time for that this year, so I improvised with some locally sourced supplies. Also, I knew I would need to make my own Nosferatu head…but that’s the fun part!!

So, off I went shopping for some supplies and here is the process I came up with.



I purchased a few inexpensive supplies. One craft mask. two Halloween ribbons and one halloween party tablecloth cut into squares.
I already had a plastic garden fence grid to use as the background and some black mesh to fill out the wreath. you will also need some craft air drying clay. I already have a supply, but they can be purchased in any craft supply shop. I also purchased two skeleton hands in a Halloween shop.

Making the mask:

I pinched the mask at the chin to make a thin elongated face shape. I wrapped it with some masking tape and filled out the ears and nose with some cotton wool shaped with masking tape. I then rolled out the clay into a flat round shape just big enough to completely cover the front and sides of the mask and placed it over the mask, pressing it into the crevices of the face shape. I wasn’t sure what to do about the eyes, so I cut them out of the eye sockets hoping to figure that out later.  When molded to the face the clay needs to dry overnight (if you decide to use an oven baking clay like sculpey please DO NOT use a mask to shape it as the mask will set your oven on fire. You may use tin foil to help shape the clay, and that can go in an oven. I find the air drying clay easier for this project though. When the clay has dried overnight you can file it down with sandpaper to make is as smooth as you wish. For this mask I only created one ear, as the other side of the head will be against the wreath. I punched two holes into the hidden side to attache it to the wreath at the end.

Painting the mask:

It is very easy to paint a mask like this as you just need to exaggerate the contours of the face, like contouring with makeup.  I added two round balls of clay pushed in from the back to give the eyeballs a protruding look and simply poked the irises into the eyeball with the end of a paintbrush. I had intended to only use black and white colours as Nosferatu is a Black and White movie. I couldn’t resist creating a little extra creepy element by adding some yellow to the eyes and teeth.

Making the Wreath:

Making the wreath is easy. I simply cut the tablecloth into strips and I weaved it along with the ribbons and filler around the edges,pulling and pushing it into place as I went. For the centre of the wreath I found a piece of Nosferatu prose on the internet and borrowed it for my wreath. This was written in Illustrator, printed out on card and cut into a circle. For the hands I purchased a couple of skeleton hands in a Halloween shop. to reinforce the idea of this wreath being based on a movie, I make film reals out of images from the film, printed them out on card and cut them into strips. I then sewed them to the plastic grid, but you could probably also hot glue them. To attached the head. I threaded wire through the holes and wrapped the wire around the plastic grid.

Below is the result, along with some images of the real Nosferatu for comparison.



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