Yes, you can always buy a bag of skulls for Halloween, but making your own is cheaper and with each skull being hand made they each have a distinct personality of their own. This is a very easy way to add some Gothic charm to your house for Halloween.

You will need:

  • 1 skull to use as a model.
  • 1 block of air drying clay – you can get it in any craft shop. One block for about € 5.99 will make several skulls.
  • Black and white colours (paint/crayons/chalk or whatever you have). Not essential because if you use white clay you can just leave the skulls white if you wish, however a bit of black paint, or even a crayon or chalk will enhance the features of the skull.

Make the skulls:

  • Cut a piece of clay from the clay block at the short edge at about 1/2 an inch in from the edge.
  • Roll out the clay until it is long and flat and fits to just over the eyes and just below the top teeth of the model skull. Cut around the top of the skull and cut just below the top teeth. also cut out the eves and nose. You do not have to create perfect cuts. In fact, leaving the edges jagged gives the impression of a broken skull, so no need to be too careful with the edges, but do be careful with your knife or scissors.
  • Leave the skull to dry for a couple of hours and then carefully remove it from the model skull. it will still be soft and pliable at this point, so carefully place it on something that will allow it to keep it’s shape, such as a bottle.
  • While this skull is drying, do the same for the next skull and on, until you have as many skulls as you want.
  • Leave all the skulls to dry for a day.
  • You can use anything to colour the skulls. You can paint them, or simply use pencils, crayons or chalk. I used black and white paint and, not being too careful, I outlined the eyes and nose and gave the skulls an old weathered texture.

Your skulls are now ready for you to add to your Halloween decorations. You are only limited to your imagination on how to display them. I wanted to get this blog up quickly so I pulled together an Ikea candle holder, a couple of old encyclopedias and a painted background. I will get some better stuff together later.


Ideas to inspire you below:

I love the ideas below. Maybe you can use them as an inspiration for your own Halloween skulls.


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